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With some 58 acres (23 hectares) of water open to angling, and a range of fish species, Sutton Park is an attractive place for anglers. However, it is important that some rules and regulations are followed, so that anglers can enjoy their sport, while at the same time ensuring the minimum conflict with other park users and with the wildlife of the area.

Image of Powells Pool
Powell's Pool

Pools where angling is allowed are: Powell's Pool, Keeper's Pool, Bracebridge Pool and Blackroot Pool. See the activities map for the location of each pool.

Requirements: Severn Trent Licence. Day ticket (contact the Visitor Centre) or season ticket. Licence, tickets and any special arrangements to be carried by anglers at all times whilst fishing. A maximum of 2 lines in use at any time per angler.

Bye-laws affecting anglers: all Severn Trent Bye-laws and Birmingham City Council Park Bye-laws apply to all pools within Sutton Park. We advise all anglers to be familiar with these Bye-laws as the pools are visited regularly by Authority Bailiffs.

In addition there are specific Bye-laws relating to angling in Sutton Park:

  1. Anglers must fish from established angling points and only along banks that are indicated on the plan. This is in order to minimize the disturbance to the pool's wildlife and to prevent further erosion to banksides and vegetation.
  2. Night fishing is not allowed and the erection of tents, hides and any other similar structures is strictly prohibited under the Park Bye-law 21. This Bye-law also prohibits the lighting of fires or spirit lamps.
  3. All anglers must leave the park clean and tidy, removing all rubbish, discarded line and other tackle, including unwanted bait.
  4. Live and dead baiting of coarse fish is prohibited in both the Bye-laws specific to Sutton Park and those for Birmingham City Council parks generally. All fish caught must be returned to the water alive and unharmed. Keep nets are not to be used (except for competitions); carp sacks also banned.
  5. If any fish are caught showing signs of disease or other disorders, please notify the attendant or rangers immediately.
  6. Be aware of other park users at all times. Never block pathways or restrict in any way other users of the park or cause any danger by leaving tackle about or unattended. Take care when casting. Do not remove any fish from the park, or any other form of wildlife, including vegetation. All wildlife, including fish, is protected by Sutton Park Bye-laws, and the City in this respect is able to impose fines for offenders. Also, as Sutton Park is now a National Nature Reserve, any offender is also liable to be prosecuted under Section 15 of the Countryside and Wildlife Act.
  7. To protect the fish stock in Sutton Park pools, all fish caught are to be returned to the pool they have been caught from. Do not transfer fish from pool to pool. Report to Rangers any incidents of disease or fish deaths.

The main composition of species for each pool is as follows:

PoolApprox. sizeMain species
Blackroot12 acres (5 hectares)Bream, Roach, Carp, Pike
Bracebridge16 acres (6 hectares)Roach, Tench, Pike
Powell's28 acres (11 hectares)Bream, Bream, Pike
Keeper's2 acres (1 hectare)Perch, Roach

See also the of the fish recorded in the park.


Follow these simple guidelines to enjoy cycling in the countryside of Sutton Park safely, without damaging the environment or causing a nuisance to other visitors.

Image of people cycling

Always wear a protective helmet (manufactured to British Safety Standards).

Make sure that your cycle is safe and roadworthy condition.

Be considerate to other park visitors -- cycle safely and carefully along the routes marked in dark green on the cycling and riding routes map.

Protect the park's wildlife by not cycling in the areas marked in paler green on the cycling and riding routes map.

Thank you for helping the rangers to conserve the plants and wildlife in this historic country park.

A leaflet containing information for cyclists is available from the Visitor Centre.


Image of golf course
Sutton Coldfield Golf Course

There are two golf courses in or adjoining the park. Sutton Coldfield Golf Club has its club house on Thornhill Road, opposite the park. The greens are within the park itself, to the north west. Boldmere Golf Club lies to the south of the park proper, below Longmoor Pool and Powell's Pool. See the 'golf flags' on the activities map.

Golf Practice In the interest of public safety and the enjoyment of Sutton Park by other park users, golf practice is not allowed outside the area occupied by the golf courses.

Model Aircraft

Sutton Park boasts a model aircraft Flying Field. The field is accessed from the Boldmere Gate. Follow the road up a gentle hill until a crossroads is reached, and then turn left and go down the hill; the field is located on the right hand side. There are restrictions in place which must to adhered to by all flyers, who must be members of the Sutton Park Model Aero Club. The rules for flying will be found on their web site. IC powered devices may only be flown:

Monday & Friday - all day
Wednesday - until 12 noon
Saturday & Sunday - 1.00pm onwards.

(Information correct on 7 Dec 2012.)


Two orienteering courses are established in the park. Although they are designed for more advanced orienteers, they are used by people at all levels of proficiency. A closed season operates for organized orienteering events between 1 April and 1 September, to prevent any undue disturbance to wildlife.

Orienteering maps are available from the Visitor Centre.


image of playground
Town Gate Playground

Children's playgrounds can be found at the Town Gate entrance and the Banner's Gate entrance. The latter has been greatly improved since 2002, when funding was obtained to upgrade it.


Horse and pony riding is available to individual riders or to riding club members. The park has regulations in force to control horse and pony riding, as follows:

  1. All riders must carry third party insurance cover.
  2. Hard hats are to be worn at all times.
  3. All horses and ponies are to be fully saddled and harnessed.
  4. All riders must be competent and in control of their mounts at all times.
  5. No horse or pony is to be ridden in such a manner that could pose danger to other park users or cause physical damage to Sutton Park.
  6. All riders must be in possession of an up-to-date park map which indicates the main bridle routes and areas of the park which are out of bounds to riders. (See the cycling and riding routes map.)
  7. When ground conditions are unfavourable all routes must be chosen to cause the minimum physical damage.
  8. The jumping of fences, gates and other structures is not permitted.
  9. Horse boxes may only be parked at locations indicated on the cycling and riding routes map.

For further information contact the Visitor Centre on 0121 355 6370.

Running & Jogging

image of people jogging

There are running and jogging clubs at the Wyndley Leisure Centre which is located outside the park, on Clifton Road. These clubs use Sutton Park for jogging and running in. For further information contact the Wyndley Leisure Centre on 0121 464 7742.

Watersports and Boating

Although sailing is not an activity open to the public, it is available through various clubs and organizations based at Powell's Pool next to Boldmere Gate. For further information, contact the Visitor Centre.

Activities Map

Map of Sutton Park
[The original of this image was produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.]

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