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Vehicle Access and Parking in Sutton Park

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As of January 2024, parking is free.


Sutton Park has seven main entrances, as shown; one, Wyndley Gate, is closed to vehicles. Parking is available inside near each vehicle entrance, although there is limited space at Four Oaks Gate, Hartopp Gate and Streetly Gate. However, there are more parking spaces further in.

The yellow lines show roads open to cars.

[The original of this image was produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.]

Map of Sutton Park

Four Oaks Gate  Access to Bracebridge Pool, Boat House Restaurant, Blackroot Pool and Blackroot Bistro.

Hartopp Gate  As for Four Oaks Gate.

Town Gate  Main entrance: access to the Visitor Centre, Park House Restaurant, the Donkey Sanctuary, Holly Knoll and car parking for Keeper's Pool. Postcode for satnav users: B73 6BU.

Wyndley Gate  Pedestrian entrance only; parking nearby in the Wyndley Leisure Centre car park.

Boldmere Gate  Access to the Miller & Carter, Hill Hurst crossroads and the Flying Field.

Banner's Gate  Access to the car park at the entrance for Longmoor Valley and Longmoor Pool.

Streetly Gate  Access to car parking at various points along the road, and from there to the Jamboree Stone.

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