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Bibliography: some publications with information on Sutton Park

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NOTE: some of the older books on the history of Sutton Park contain information which is not always consistent with recent historical or archeological studies. Michael Hodder's 2013 book (see below) now offers an up-to-date authoritative account of the archaeology and history of the park.

Bagnall, J.E. (1876)
Notes on Sutton Park: Its Flowering Plants, Ferns, and Mosses, read at a general meeting of the Birmingham Natural History and Microscopical Society, held December 6th, 1876.
(The first systematic attempt to record any of the natural history of the park.)

Birmingham Civic Society (1922)
Guide to Sutton Park, Birmingham: Birmingham Civic Society/Cornish Bros.

Bodnar, S. (2001)
Sutton Park Management Plan 2002-2007, Birmingham City Council.

Coxhead, P. & Fowkes, H.H. (eds) (1991 onwards)
A Natural History of Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield: Sutton Coldfield Natural History Society
(Published in four parts -- see the .)

Field, J.C.W. & James, P.W. (1965)
Sutton Park, A History and Guide, Sutton Coldfield: The Friends of the Park Association/The Sutton Coldfield News
(A short guide with a strong natural history emphasis as might be expected from the past Secretary and President of the Sutton Coldfield Natural History Society.)

Jones, D.V. (1973, reprinted 1984)
Sutton Park, its History and Wildlife, Sutton Coldfield: Westwood Press (reprint from 1973 edition)

Hodder, Michael (2013)
The Archaeology of Sutton Park, Stroud: The History Press

Midgley, W. (1904)
The Town and Chase of Sutton Coldfield with Two Maps and Many Pictures, Birmingham: The Midland Counties Herald Ltd.
(A standard source for the early history of Sutton Coldfield and Sutton Park.)

Readett, R.C. (1971)
A Flora of Sutton Park, Proceedings of the Birmingham Natural History Society 22, pp. 1-88, 1971; also published as a separate reprint.

Information on the flora of Sutton Park will also be found in:

Falk, Steven J. (2009)
Warwickshire's Wildflowers, Studley, Warks: Brewin Books.
(The index contains many entries for Sutton Park; it is particularly prominent in Chapter 10, "Heathland and Mire".)
Trueman, Ian; Poulton, Mike & Reade, Paul (2013)
Flora of Birmingham and the Black Country, Newbury, Berkshire: Pisces Publications.
(Sutton Park is explicitly covered on pp. 45–47, but features prominently elsewhere.)

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