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Visitor Centre Walk

Map of Sutton Park
map of walk

[The originals of these images were produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Images reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.]

This walk is marked in RED on the maps above. The marked route is approximately 2 km or 1.25 miles.

If coming by car, enter by Town Gate and park where marked on the map above.

1 Starting from the Visitor Centre, head towards Wyndley Pool.

wyndley pool
Waterfowl on Wyndley Pool

2 Wyndley Pool is the oldest of the seven pools in the Park, and the most recent to come within its boundaries. When the sluice gates at the foot of the dam were reconstructed, three millstones were found during the work. You may have seen these at the Visitor Centre.

How many different species of waterfowl can you see on Wyndley Pool?

From here, turn back into the Park and walk through the gate opposite and on towards the crossroads.

3 Take a right turn onto the track through the edge of the woodland. Look out for birds as you go along. Many species, including some winter visitors such as Redwing and Fieldfare, seek shelter and food in the surrounding woodlands. Look out for a large oak tree. One of its lower limbs crosses over the track. It is often referred to as the hangman's tree.

4 When you meet the main road, turn left, and walk along the road (which is closed to traffic here) until you reach Keeper's Pool. Just before you reach the Pool, two 'scrapes' have been constructed on the site of the former car park. One retains water throughout most of the year; the other is less successful.

5 Keeper's Pool was originally built in the 15th century as a fish pond within the mediaeval deer park. The name of the pool suggests that perhaps a park keeper's lodge was nearby when the pool was built. There was formerly an outdoor swimming lido on the far side of the Pool.

Return the same way you came, passing the track you came on at 4 and continuing along the road. The final part of the road is open to traffic, so take care. The landscape now opens up becoming heathland and broken woodland. You can often hear the "yaffle" of Green Woodpeckers in this area. Rabbits are also commonly seen here amongst the gorse, where they are able to find food and shelter in the hardest of winters.

Introduction | Visitor Centre Walk | Blackroot Walk | Two Pools Walk | Longmoor Walk | Bracebridge/Pool Hollies Walk | Map

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